There is no way of casually flipping through the photographic work of Viktoriya Bogdanova. Her pictures demand attention. The technical prowess is obviously there but so is a true eye for beauty. Bogdanova’s aesthetic is a refreshing mix of classic and whimsical. Her Russian background enriches her sensitivity for timeless artfulness, while she adds a unique touch to each frame. You will not find yourself being photogrphed by Bogdonava in a studio, she thinks it’s a shame to miss the majesty of the outdoors. This appreciation of nature is apparent throughout her work. Precious, spotless flower girls will be found in thick wheat fields, couples in-love will find themselves hovering over the shiny rocks of a crashing stream. The photographer prides herself on finding emotion in motion, portraying humans and their feelings in action. It is not surprising that engagement photos are her favorite assignments, as she makes love very easy to witness. Her own romantic sentiments pour into her work but not without good taste and perfection.

Bogdanova began her photography career by coercing her young nieces into posing for her in lavish outfits with forest and field as backdrop. Her development has brought her to focus more on engagement and marriage but she continues to shoot portraits of any nature. It is her personal ambition to travel the world, and so she is happy to be contracted for destination weddings. But whether it’s Italy or just out your front door, you’ll be happy you brought Bogdanova along to document some of your biggest moments. She works with her clients to get a feel for who they are and she manages to portray them in a way that feels genuine yet fantastic. It is such a relief to see technical expertise and excellent taste in combination