Peter & Marina Love Story

Love Story
May 31, 2018

Have you ever waited for something so long that you started to think it doesn’t exist anymore? That maybe… just maybe all those people in your life that said….. “You’re too picky!!” , “Men like that don’t exist”, “Your standards are too high!”… are actually right? Welcome to Marina’s world. She is here to tell you something that nobody will ever tell you because it is to risky and you might just be mocked and ridiculed the rest of your life but she begs of you to listen.


“This is how I met Peter. I was part of a wedding party when it happened. The bride was not a very close friend of mine and really, I was just doing her a favor by being in the wedding. I didn’t exactly want to go. I was actually bored beyond belief….until I saw him. He was this confident, handsome man, who was too busy enjoying being himself to notice anyone or anything. His eyes were electrifying, but the only thing I could do, was force myself to ignore him since I heard so many bad stories about these Seattle boys. So here I was, stuck in a wedding I didn’t want to be part of, with people I didn’t care about. But then something happened. Peter came up to me and asked me to fix his flower on this suit. In a huge surprise, I replied, “Of course!”. As I was helping him, he began to flirt with me. I made fun of his baby face, thinking he was younger than me. He got upset and as I was guessing his birthyear, said “Try 1988”. I was in so much shock! My eyes were suddenly opened. Here was this pastor kid who was so confident in himself, yet had such a genuinely sweet character. Out of all the guys in the wedding party, he was the only one to come up to me and offer me his jacket. As we sat together at the wedding, he took his phone out to check his flight. I asked him where he was going. He said , “On a mission trip to Europe, come with me?” I was immediately fascinated! We talked more and he told me about a few of the stops be was going to make to France and Germany. Long story short, as I drove back home from Seattle, I decided to text him and ask him to bring me some chocolate from Germany. He replied, ” Sure thing, doll!” And that’s how it all began. We texted and snapchatted all throughout his travels in Germany, Austria, France, and Ukraine. I was swooning for him. He told me how badly he is scared of heights and how he wants to overcome his fear by skydiving. I told him I was down to do it with him, and that’s how our first date was born! He showed up at my doorstep with red roses, some three hours from his home, taking me skydiving. That was the day I knew I was going to marry him. It was him all along, whom I was born for. I knew. I just knew. For the first time my heart spoke and uttered one word “Him”.

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