Codrut & Natalia

Love Story
March 16, 2018

I will admit it is hard to put into words all that this styled shoot truly means to me. Everything came together so beautifully, the couple, the flowers, the alpacas… Yes I said alpacas.  

This styled shoot turned out to be so much more than just a styled shoot. My lovely models never had a chance to have wedding portraits or photos taken so it was incredible to see them interact with each other almost like it was their wedding day all over again. The “bride” (Natalia) shared her story with me.

“I’m a single mother to two adorable little girls. My (now) husband was the single father to one little boy. One day I sat down to delete all the random Facebook friend requests that pile up after you ignore them for a while. I came across Codrut and my immediate thought was that he was very good looking, but that he must be a player. Of course I had to do the casual Facebook stalk before I deleted his request. Instead of seeing photos of him with his buddies and numerous girls I notice him with a cute little boy. I decided to take a chance and message him to ask if it was his son. “What do I have to lose?” I thought. He told me after the fact that his heart started racing when he received my message, but he did work up the courage to message me back and that’s how it all began. About a week later I finally agreed to give him my phone number, then maybe a month or so after we decided to meet in person. Even though we lived in different states we worked out the logistics and I managed to make the journey to Oregon.

That night I was nervous, I had no idea what to expect. I was all dolled up, short black dress, my favorite heels, my hair just the way I like it. He pulled up to my friend’s house, where I was staying, in a black mustang. I walk over, hand outstretched to shake his hand.

“What about a hug?” He asks.

Of course you can’t refuse… Well you can, but I don’t so I awkwardly hug the poor guy.

Turns out we were both somewhat disappointed at our first impressions of each other. He didn’t look exactly like the pictures on his profile, and we both thought the other would be taller.

He wasn’t very talkative, emotional, and didn’t really open up while we were having dinner. (Although the restaurant we ate at “Departure” is now one of our favorite places to eat.) I was also pretty shy the entire time too. After we ate some chicken wings… (Who the heck orders chicken wings on a first date?!!?) I asked him to take me somewhere that was calm with a view so we could chat for a while. He ended up taking me to the airport and we watched the airplanes take off and land. We chatted about our lives for a bit, and I remember thinking, “He’s pretty attractive, but he’s not for me.”

The next morning he picked me up from my friend’s house again and we drove to the ocean. We spent the day together and it was lovely. When he dropped me back off at my friend’s house I was getting back into my car when he caught me off guard by saying, “We should grow old together.” Immediately I was taken aback, I had no idea how to respond. I wasn’t totally opposed to the idea however, but as I drove home I decided that I probably wouldn’t be meeting with him again.

We continued to talk on the phone and two weeks later I decided to give him another chance. This time we ended up meeting halfway, but that took us to Olympia… There is NOTHING in Olympia!

We met at a truck stop/gas station, which is also now a favorite of ours to stop at when we travel on road trips, so I told him “Let’s go somewhere into the woods.” He seemed a bit surprised that a girl would literally ask to be taken into the woods by someone they’ve only met once before, but we got into his car and drove a bit further. We found a place with trees that towered over us, yet it still had a view of the coast. We walked around a bit, talked, then I asked him to dance with me. Oh that feeling when he first placed his hands on my waist and I placed my arms around his neck. One of the best feelings in the world. We danced to a beautiful song that played over and over again on repeat. The deep woods were dark, the trees loomed over us, we danced under the huge bright moon, he kissed me, and we fell in love.

Obviously we started dating, mostly long distance and over the phone. We would fight over the phone, talk about politics, religion, and different world issues. We ended up getting married a year later, and now here we are two years after that. Seemingly nothing in common, we came from vastly different backgrounds, religions, and cultures. Now we are dealing with the responsibilities of running and loving a family of six. We are happily married, and just like he said the day after I met him… We are growing old together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The photos from this styled shoot not only became a way for me to showcase the work of all the vendors, it also gave the couple photos that they can cherish for years to come.

Now, onto the alpacas. I promised you more about these gorgeous creatures and I didn’t forget! They were absolutely wonderful to work with, who knew an alpaca could be so well behaved? They are therapy alpacas, so that must have something to do with it. Plus, don’t they look absolutely dashing? They would hands down be the best wedding guests you could ask for, furry, loveable, and won’t take advantage of your open bar! Need more of these adorable guys in your life? Well you’re in luck because you can easily rent them out for your wedding! Not only do they visits schools and hospitals as therapy animals, they can visit your reception or ceremony site too!

So many incredible vendors came together to make this styled shoot a reality, there’s a full list below, but a special thanks so Opal 28 for letting us take over your venue space for the day, Oak Groove Floral Design and Fifty Flowers for making the greenery and other floral arrangements look like something out of a fairytale, and of course the day wouldn’t be complete without hair & makeup for the bride which was done by the oh so talented Makeup By Rebecca. Thank you to everybody!

I could talk about this shoot for days, but instead I’ll let the photographs do the talking for me. For more information about booking with me for your wedding email me at

Venue : Opal 28 |
Photographer: Viktoriya Bogdanova Photography | Coordinator / Stylist : Danielle Nichole |
Decor & Linens : LinenTablecloth |
Decor & Chairs : Peter Corvallis Productions |
Florist : Oak Grove Floral Design |
Garland : Fifty Flowers |
Ring Box : The Mrs. Box |
Stationery : Peach + Paperie |
Ribbon : Honey Silks & Co. |
Dress: The White Dress |
Veils : First Look Veils |
Mens Wear & Mens Shoes, Bride Accessories and Shoes :
Cake : Just a Dash Cakes |
Macarons : Simply Beautiful Cakes | Bride Model Hair & Makeup : Makeup By Rebecca | Alpacas : Wedding Llamas |
Groom & Bride Model: Codrut & Natalia |

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